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Information Technology Skills 4N1125

Online Certification by  MIDAS Learning
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Online / Certification


The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill, and competence to use applications in information technology. It is designed to develop skills in data entry, word processing, and using the internet.

  • Quality Accredited course, building a solid foundation for working with computers and technology.
  • Attainment of 10 credits to assist in the progression towards Major Award.
  • Enhance your employability prospects and open doors to a wide range of job opportunities where basic IT skills are required.
  • Free expert career coaching to assist in identifying individual progression routes.
  • Access to our Recruitment Bureau upon completion as part of your succession plan.

Learning Outcomes
Learners will be able to:
  • Explain a range of information technology concepts and terminology to include computer, computer hardware components, system and application software, input devices, output devices, data storage devices, bytes, files, folder/directory, drives, memory, LAN, WAN, and the internet.
  • Describe the impact of information technology on personal life and working or community life.
  • Manage files, folders or directories using a range of common file management features to include create, rename, delete, copy, move, locate, and save to range of drives.
  • Use a data entry application to enter data using text, alpha, numeric, and special characters to a minimum speed of 15 words per minute.
  • Access a word processing package to open a file, enter and edit text by inserting and deleting characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs.
  • Format text using a range of format tools to include joining and splitting, line spacing, indentation, justifying and alignment.
  • Enhance text using a range of enhancement tools to include bold, underline, italicize, font and font size.
  • Edit a block of text using a range of editing tools to include move, copy and delete.
  • Navigate specific internet sites through a browser with specific links identified.
  • Use a range of functions in a webmail application to create, reply, cc, bcc, and add attachments to emails.
  • Manage a personal email account to include inbox, read/unread, deleted items, trash, drafts, and contacts/address book.
  • Produce an accurate hard copy of a 50–70-word document by proof reading, and using spell check, save, and print features.
  • Produce a hard copy of specific information located on the internet.


  1. Computer Basics
  2. File Management
  3. Data Entry
  4. Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  5. Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
  6. Presentation Skills (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  7. Email (Microsoft Outlook)
  8. The Internet


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MIDAS Learning are Leaders in Training. We are a training, coaching and consultancy company based in Ireland. QQI/ICS/SAGE/Microsoft Accredited Centre.

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Our tutors are specialists in their subject areas, including Life and Career Progression Coaching, Business Coaching & Administration, Finance, Public Relations, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Information Technology, Education & Training and Sales & Marketing, to mention a few. ...

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