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The overall aim of the programme is to support management positions in the workplace, through a facilitation of leadership and management courses aimed at the progression and/or promotion of individuals within a executive position, especially in the area of Business Development, Leadership and Business Skills advancement We aim to support learners attain the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a business context at management level or to progress to further and or higher education and training.

There are 20 modules available with this programme under MIDAS Learning. For a full major award, which consists of 120 credits, the learner must choose 8 minor awards.

Learners are required to undertake a range of mandatory and elective modules, as indicated in the QQI Certificate Specification for the award 5M2468. Should the learner wish to go for another award or gain qualifications / skills in a particular area for their business/ organisation, they can undertake minor awards linking into specific skills outcomes. There is an opportunity to combine minor award modules to support the learners/ organisations progression plans e.g.
  • To gain specific skills and qualifications in business Development and Feasibility - a combination of entrepreneurship, business planning and finance may suit.
  • To gain specific experience in bringing a product to market -a combination of business management and strategy with project management.
  • For potential or specific experience in Finance – Finance, Payroll and Book-keeping is recommended etc.

Course Overview
The Advanced Business Management Major Award Programme Objectives include.

  • To assist the learner to attain the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a business context on a management capacity or to progress to further and or higher education and training.
  • To facilitate the learner in developing an understanding of principles and key theoretical concepts underpinning business and management techniques in a range of contexts.
  • To explore along with the learner a range of theoretical models of best practice in Management and Business with the objective of re-skilling / up-skilling the learner to understand what their needs are in relation to growing within a Business / Management structure in their vocational area.
  • To delve into the principles, concepts and models of Business and Management in order to support the learner in future progression, employment or advanced education / training programmes leading to awards at level 7 or above.
  • To ensure that the learner is able to draw from the theory and business models to develop and apply their knowledge and learning into a range of management practices that helps them understand how to assess and evaluate their performance with regard to management.
  • To work with the learner to explore a range of management skills need to run a successful and sustainable business within a range of sectors /industries.
  • To be able to relate management concepts to practical and technical skills, including creative thinking and innovation, team working, leadership and management and other relevant skills as appropriate to a range of contexts that will develop a greater understanding of the business.
  • To provide a programme of learning that is vocationally specific in nature, and flexible in structure so that the learner has the maximum opportunity to improve his/her specialised academic and vocational literacy, numerical, ICT and planning skills while participating in the programme.
  • To build the learner’s confidence in his/her ability, though the forum of facilitatory learning and self-assessment and reflective practice, evaluated against best practice in terms of getting the learner to always consider continuous improvement measures, both personally and professionally .


There are 20 modules validated with this programme under MIDAS Learning. For a full major award, which consists of 120 credits, the learner must choose 8 minor awards.

6N4310 Business Management (Compulsory module)

6N1948 Team Leadership
6N0697 Customer Service
6N1950 Communications
6N1949 Personal & Professional Development
6N1946 Work Experience
6N1941 Entrepreneurship
6N4105 Business Planning
6N4090 Project Management
6N4207 Strategic Management
6N2775 Conflict Management
6N3750 Human Resources Practice
6N4322 Employment Law
6N3750 HR Practice
6N4165 Finance
6N4329 Supervisory Management

6S3372 Certificate in Training and Development
6S3153 Special Purpose Award in Life and Workplace Coaching


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“Empowering Individuals and Organisations to unlock their full potential” 

MIDAS Learning are Leaders in Training. We are a training, coaching and consultancy company based in Ireland. QQI/ICS/SAGE/Microsoft Accredited Centre.

MIDAS Learning is an established independent consultancy, coaching and training provider for over 20 years. We specialise in the delivery of FET programmes, providing exceptional training and practical advice to individuals, the Community & Voluntary sector, SMEs and the Corporate World.

All programmes at MIDAS Learning are designed to be relevant, current and are equally relatable to those who wish to further their academic career or move forward within a workplace setting.

Our Programmes are designed to meet the flexible needs of modern learners, suiting individuals, who wish to study on a part-time or full-time basis in various settings, online, blended, in-house etc. Our thinking behind our training is ensuring that it is practical, pragmatic and will make a difference to the individual or organisation engaging with us.

Our tutors are specialists in their subject areas, including Life and Career Progression Coaching, Business Coaching & Administration, Finance, Public Relations, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Information Technology, Education & Training and Sales & Marketing, to mention a few. ...

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