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Diploma in Java Programming with Oracle Certified Java Exam Preparation Modules - Practical Evening Diploma (20 Classes)

The IT industry has shown an increased demand for IT Professionals that are skilled in Java Programming, due to the exponential growth of Java enabled devices and its popularity for being a stable, secure and robust platform.

This lab-based course focuses on Java 8 which enables developers to create applications faster and easier for business environments, the cloud, and the emerging Internet  (IoT). Java 8 developers can leverage a common skill set across the wide span of platforms and application types; it is delivered by an industry expert with outstanding industry experience.

The objective of this Java Programming course, is to enable students with little or no programming experience to learn programming using the Java programming language.

The Diploma in Java Programming is certified by the Institute of Commercial Management and is Internationally Recognised in over 140 countries around the World. 

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At Fitzwilliam Institute, we all come to work everyday because we want to solve the biggest problem in training. Businesses need skilled, proficient employees. Job candidates need practical skills. Graduates cannot get a job without experience, yet they can't get experience without the job.

With these training needs in mind, we created the world's first practical skills courses. When our maiden courses launched in 1985, we developed the essence training approach in a practical, hands-on way. Our trainers are world's top professionals. They bring practical insights rather theory-based training. They connect our students witht the nest and the brightest in their chosen industry o helpp them hit the ground running and  land their dream job.

Fitzwilliam Institute has forged a successful track record in private education for 30 years and counting.
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