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ITEC level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy Level 5 in Ireland (Equal to Level 3 in UK)

Cost: €1,450.00 / Initial Deposit: €350

Payment can be divided into three further instalments after an initial deposit is paid and a second payment is made on start day of the course (together with exam fees as below). Payment is accepted online or by cash, cheque or bank draft. Payment plans must be by written agreement with Nicola Ryan on the day of commencement of the course and all instalments must be completed by the end of May.

  • Exam Fees charged by ITEC are approx. Euro 150, due on the first day of the course.

  • A Student Kit provided by Sangoma is included in the course cost: A set of towels, one couch roll and oil.

  • Students are also required to buy and use a black tunic, antiseptic wipes, tissues, other sundries as advised by the tutor.

  • Course books are also to be purchased by the student, which include:

    • The Complete Guide to Sports Massage, Tim Paine, A&C Black (Publishers) Ltd

ISBN 9780713685794

    • Ross & Wilson Anatomy & Physiology, K Wilson & A Waugh, Harcourt Publishers ISBN 9780443101014

    • The Concise Book of Muscles , Chris Jarmey, Lotus Publishing

ISBN 9781905367115

  • Hands-on Sports Therapy by Keith Ward, Delmar Cengage Learning, ISBN 18611529201

These books must be purchased before the start of the course. Bomar Aromatherapy (01-2876951) is a cost-effective supplier of books to therapists. Quote that you are a Sangoma student when calling. If you are a member of the IMTA (Irish Massage Therapists Association) you will receive a 10% discount. Alternatively, online suppliers such as Amazon and the Book Depository also usually have these books.

Course Content:

Please see the following link:

  • http://www.itecworld.co.uk/uk_qualifications/Diplomas.aspx?k=233

or find the syllabus on the ITEC website:

  • www.itecworld.co.uk

  • Select ‘International Qualifications’

  • Select ‘Sports’

  • Under ‘Level 3’, Select ‘Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy’

  • All details and requirements of the course are listed

Evidence of treatments/case studies are a requirement of the course (as per syllabus).

It is optional but highly encouraged that all students undertake Occupational First Aid training (as opposed to Basic First Aid) as well as a Taping and Strapping course (which also will be offered during the course). This is to ensure safety and competence during on-the-field work and a thorough knowledge of dealing with common injuries.

Attendance is of the upmost importance. In addition to attendance of a minimum number of lectures and practical sessions required by ITEC to be eligible to sit the exam, each lecture and practical day is filled with necessary subject matter that, if missed, will not be reviewed. If there are any weekends that are impossible to attend, please discuss this with the tutor at the commencement of the course.

All projects, assessments, homework, treatment evidence and files must be completed and submitted by the agreed deadline. All of these are assessed and graded as part of ITEC and Sangoma requirements. Non-compliance will be marked as a fail unless an exceptional reason is given.

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Expert Trainers in Therapeutic, Complementary and Beauty Therapies

Holistic massage

Sangoma is an ITEC registered training college, owned by Nicola Ryan, that offers training in Aromatherapy, Skin & Eye Care, Sports Therapy, L4 Healthy Eating & Wellbeing for the Complementary Therapy Client, L4 Counselling Skills, Beauty Specialist, Nail Technology, Holistic Massage, Anatomy & Physiology.

Additional specialist post-graduate courses include Pregnancy Massage, Baby & Infant Massage, Elderly & Senior Massage, Bamboo Massage, Thai Herbal Compress Massage, Lava Shell Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Ear Candling and many more.

Sangoma Therapies & Training is situated in Athlone, in the midlands of Ireland and is a professional training centre specialising in therapeutic, complementary and beauty therapies. All Sangoma tutors have extensive teaching and practice experience in their field and are guided by Nicola Ryan’s specialist expertise gained from her 20-year career in therapy training and practice. Combined with small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios, students can be assured of the highest standard of education in the skills they need.

Sangoma works alongside The Haven Beauty training school, providing quality training in all aspects of Beauty Therapy. ...

Sangoma Therapies & Training
Unit 3, Nestor Complex, Co. Roscommon, Athlone, Ireland
086 871 4467
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