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Cinema and television are narrative media, so a deep understanding how stories work is an advantage for everyone working in the industry. No matter what your role is in the creative process, being able to deconstruct a script and harness your talents to serve the story is an invaluable skill.

This day-long workshop examines the basic building blocks of story, especially as it works in film and television. We will look at:

  • Why We Tell Stories
  • How Stories on Screen Differ from Other Narrative Media
  • Audience Participation in the Story
  • Creating and Sustaining Dramatic Tension
  • When (and Why) to Withhold Information and When to Share It
  • How to Find The Beginning, Middle and End of Your Story
  • How to Choose what to Keep and What to Pare Away in a Second Draft
  • Plot and Character  – How They Are Intertwined

The morning will be a lecture with q & a. There will be examples from different short films. The afternoon will consist of a film analysis, showing the theory we have at work.  This workshop will suit people interested in Writing, Directing, Editing and Acting for The Screen.

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