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Open Course - Presentation Skills

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Our open courses bring participants from a variety of backgrounds, but with similar levels of presenting experience, together. This gives the participants the realistic experience of presenting in front of a group.

Like all of The Communications Clinic’s courses, our group presentation skills course is basedand focused on learning by doing. This is to ensure behavioural, not just attitudinal change. The Communications Clinic approaches each course from the perspective of the needs of the course participant.

Therefore, each participant will be required to deliver a ten-minute work related presentation.

This will be recorded and then assessed within the group. During the assessment, core

principles of effective presenting, like audience focus, structure, creation of understanding and convincing through evidence and personal conviction would be elicited.

We would also address issues like developing confidence, managing nerves, dealing with awkward communication styles and using visual aids where appropriate to best effect.

In the afternoon, the participants present again. They take the individual and group

feedback, adapt their presentation content and style and then immediately apply it. This ensures that the lessons are learned, processed and cemented.

This Learning-by-Doing approach, which is consistent throughout our courses, recreates the reality for participants of actually delivering a communication. We approach it this way rather than having a theoretical discussion on the topic.

Our training doesn’t leave the participant with fancy words or things they still can’t do. It changes behaviours and will get results for the participant and their company.


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Who we are

We specialise in communications- writing, talking, negotiating, selling, interviewing and listening.

Our people were pioneers in this industry forty years ago and we’ve been dedicated to being the best since then.

What we do

We help you persuade, influence, convince, befriend, sell, assure, impart and connect. And we do it whether ‘you’ are a company trying to build your reputation, or a candidate trying to win a new job, or a manager giving a big presentation, or a press officer immersed in media.

How we do it

We’re honest, hard-working and dedicated to our clients. If you want a service that isn’t listed on these pages, give us a shout and we’ll see if we can tailor something for you.

The Communications Clinic
37 Adelaide Road, Dublin, Ireland 2
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