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Required English Language Level: B2


The Life, Language and Literature for Teachers is a two-week course. It consists of 20 contact lessons per week. In addition, we offer an extensive cultural and social programme which is directly linked to the afternoon sessions. Above all, there is a distinct focus on exploring teaching methodologies. Consequently, that will allow us to bring literature and culture into the ELT classroom. However, the course also involves a significant element of English language improvement and a focus on developing language awareness.

We have developed this course for practising teachers who wish to update their knowledge of contemporary English in the first place. Secondly, it is meant for those who want to increase their appreciation of different methodologies. Finally, the course is made for teachers who want to learn how to bring culture and literature into the ELT classroom. What’s more, the course explores and promotes awareness of Anglo-Irish literature in Dublin, a UNESCO City of Literature. We also examine the impact of recent developments in ELT on the teaching of literature and cross-cultural awareness.


In a nutshell, the input sessions are a blend of theory and practice based on Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodology. First of all, the participants will reflect on their own practice. Afterwards, they will be asked to consider alternative practices. Lastly, they will build up a bank of resources that they can try out and adapt to their own professional teaching contexts. Finally, during the course, the participants will also take part in the activity programme. For one thing, the activities aim to specifically develop their language skills in a more informal environment outside the classroom. Hence, they will have a chance to further enhance their knowledge of Ireland.

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Atlas Language School in Dublin was established in 2003 and has grown quickly in size and reputation in that time. We provide a fun and challenging learning experience with a range of English courses in a friendly and motivating environment. With excellent teachers and facilities, a comprehensive and fun social programme that lets our students experience Irish life and a perfect central location, we believe we are the best school to learn English in Dublin.

Atlas Language School
Portobello House, Dublin, Co Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2
+353 1 478 2845
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