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Fitzwilliam Institute’s Part-time Evening Diploma in Data Analytics is one of the most successful data analytics courses in Ireland. Delivered interactively by Ireland’s leading data analysts, the course takes place in Dublin City Centre, two evenings per week for 10 weeks, and features:

  • Over 3 months of intensive high-level data analytics training with interactive modules covering: Describing and examining data in which individual attributes can be described and summarized: the scales on which they are measured, how to describe their center as well as the variation using descriptive statistical approaches, and how to make statements about these attributes using inferential statistical methods, such as confidence intervals or hypothesis tests, etc.
  • Practical skills training delivery from leading industry professionals. All of Fitzwilliam Institute’s data analytics trainers are top industry professionals with many years of successful data analytics experience. Fitzwilliam Institute’s data analytics course contains the core and vital “R” -programming industry key skillset and, on completion, all of our students are ready for their data analytics career.
  • Real life data analytics programming briefs. Fitzwilliam Institute’s Diploma in Data Analytics offers practical and specific “R” programming skills that can be applied in real world situations. You will complete a real life data analytics programing brief, which will help you gain invaluable data analysis experience and develop your work portfolio. A combination of interactive group sessions, presentations, and questions and answers allows you to gain transferrable skills and invaluable experience, in real-life situations, which will prepare you for a successful future in the industry.
  • Data analytics jobs, networking and volunteer opportunities. Fitzwilliam Institute is extremely well placed within the Information Technology field. Employers are always looking for Fitzwilliam Institute’s data analytics students and alumni – that’s why they come to us first to hire. Fitzwilliam Institute’s website features a comprehensive jobs and volunteer opportunities section.


Introduction to Python Programming

Use built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples to perform increasingly complex data analysis;

Basic Statistics

Descriptive statistics; inferential statistics;

Working with Programming Language

Basic for “R” Programming and basic use of the RStudio;

SWIRL-interactive “R” learning

Using Swirl software package for the R programming language;

Using Anaconda Navigator

Anaconda Navigator; Applications that will be accessed using Navigator: Jupyter Notebook, Spyder, RStudio , Pandas for Python, Numpy, Scipy;

Data Storage/ Big Data

Tools, techniques and frameworks;

Regression Analysis

Understanding of simple linear regression; multiple linear regression; Logistic regression;

Analysis of Variance

Understanding one-way, two-way and multivariate analysis of variance – Manova;

Types of Probability Distributions

Gaussian; Binomial; Gamma; Poisson probability distribution;

Time Series Analysis

Understanding and using time series data;

Data Mining / Web Mining

Understanding data mining; The process of data mining; Techniques; 

Classification Analysis

How to visualize data while looking at multiple variables simultaneously; Cluster analysis; Association analysis;

Use of the Data Analytics Tools

Hadoop ; MapReduce; MongoDB;

Machine Learning

The process of developing, testing; Applying predictive algorithms to achieve future outcomes; Understanding Support Vector Machine algorithm;

Simulation / Optimization

Finding the best value of one or more variables that can be controlled;

Neural Networks

Overview of neural network models and their applications to data mining tasks;

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At Fitzwilliam Institute, we all come to work everyday because we want to solve the biggest problem in training. Businesses need skilled, proficient employees. Job candidates need practical skills. Graduates cannot get a job without experience, yet they can't get experience without the job.

With these training needs in mind, we created the world's first practical skills courses. When our maiden courses launched in 1985, we developed the essence training approach in a practical, hands-on way. Our trainers are world's top professionals. They bring practical insights rather theory-based training. They connect our students witht the nest and the brightest in their chosen industry o helpp them hit the ground running and  land their dream job.

Fitzwilliam Institute has forged a successful track record in private education for 30 years and counting.
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Temple Court, Temple Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
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