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Our Full-Time IELTS Preparation course (IELTS20) consists of 20 tuition hours per week, focusing on developing the skills and techniques required to succeed in the IELTS examination. In class students work on developing their productive and receptive skills while also increasing their accuracy and fluency. Each day the class is divided into two lessons:
>> Lesson A: 9am to 11am
>> Lesson B: 11.30am to 1.10pm
Lessons A and B are taught by different teachers to give you exposure to a variety of accents and teaching styles.


No. of Participants: 15
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Atlas Language School in Dublin was established in 2003 and has grown quickly in size and reputation in that time. We provide a fun and challenging learning experience with a range of English courses in a friendly and motivating environment. With excellent teachers and facilities, a comprehensive and fun social programme that lets our students experience Irish life and a perfect central location, we believe we are the best school to learn English in Dublin.

Atlas Language School
Portobello House, Dublin, Co Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2
+353 1 478 2845
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