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Programme objectives

On completion of this training programme, participants will have:

  • a comprehensive understanding of the conveyancing process and the ability to draft documentation to highest standards in both residential and commercial transactions;
  • Knowledge of recent legislative and procedural developments;
  • The ability to lodge complex first registrations in the Land Registry;
  • An understanding of the key banking law principles facing property lawyers;
  • The ability to act and advise on either side of a property transaction within an insolvency process;
  • Demonstrate a specialised knowledge of commercial leases; and
  • Awareness of the tax implications of a property transaction.
Programme structure and approach to learning

This course is delivered via an innovative ‘flipped classroom’ approach that offers participants ultimate flexibility in how they approach their learning. This format sees lectures released in an online tranche, with participants provided a window of a number of weeks to view the recorded content and complete online learning activities in a self-paced manner. The online releases are bookended by two days of onsite workshops.

The certificate provides attendees with a comprehensive overview and understanding of the issues currently relevant to conveyancing practitioners. Designed with a practical focus, it reviews best conveyancing practice, providing precedents and highlighting recent practice updates and legislative changes, and offers students the opportunity to learn through problem based scenarios. 

Participants will receive a copy of the Law Society Conveyancing and Landlord & Tenant Law manuals on registration. 


The programme is based on the following module scheme and covers key themes as listed below

PART AModule 1: Conveyancing fundamentals
  • The contract for sale
  • Pre-contract enquiries
  • Objections and requisitions on title
  • Drafting
  • Complex case study – buying a public house/restaurant
Module 2: Development
  • New houses and the combined contract for sale and building agreement
  • Schemes of Development
  • The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014
  • The Multi-Unit Development Act 2011, dealing with managed properties
Module 3: Land Registry updates
  • Conversion of possessory title, applications based on adverse possession
  • Applications for registration in cases of insolvency
  • Complex first registrations
PART BModule 1: Ethical issues
  • Undertakings
  • Conflicts
  • File management
Module 2: Commercial lending
  • Types of security/ property finance
  • Completion, security, and enforcement
  • Complex case study– buying from a receiver
Module 3: Taxation issues for conveyancers
  • Local Property Tax update, household charge, and NPPR
  • VAT and CGT issues for conveyancers
WorkshopsThe online release of lectures is bookended by on-site workshops. Workshops are a key feature of this course. These are designed to be interactive and involve working in groups on selected case study problems and analysis with an emphasis on the application of conveyancing law to common scenarios encountered in practice.

Workshop 1: Saturday 23 February 2019
  • Case Study, Buying a licensed premises
  • Case Study, Practical planning advices for the Conveyancer
  • Drafting special conditions masterclass
  • Complex Land registry applications
Workshop 2: Saturday 27 April 2019
  • Commercial leases masterclass
  • Taxation problem scenarios
  • Case Study, Buying from a receiver
  • Case Study, Key legal issues in sale / purchase of a mixed use development

2,500-word written assignment (70%) and continuous assessment through online activities (30%).

Who should attend?
  • This course is reserved for solicitors and post-PPC1 trainees.
  • It will appeal to seasoned professionals who are looking for a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the practical issues that they are currently facing.
  • It will also appeal to newly qualified solicitors and trainees, as it will provide a strong grounding in conveyancing practice and the law regarding residential and commercial property – areas that remain the bedrock of many practices.


Jan 17, 2019
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